Blue Mandolin believes that in order to build a strong brand, one must also build strong relationships with the owners of that brand. That is why we continually strive to develop strong, long-lasting relationships in order to best serve our clients.

I find that your team offers a tremendous balance between great creative work and good business sense - a combination extremely rare in the agency world.

- Jeffrey P. Werner, President & CEO (2007)
Senator USA - Greensboro, NC
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Our marketing efforts have been better coordinated and our message more clear, reinforcing the Jeffco brand and company image in the beauty industry.

- Jeff Harrison, President
Jeffco, Inc - Winston-Salem, NC
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We were able to evaluate marketing factors, develop a plan that specified attainable goals, outline a realistic schedule, and monitor effectiveness.

- J. Brian Quigley, Vice President (2004)
Frye Properties - Norfolk, VA
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As a new company in this market, we needed to quickly establish brand awareness. Blue Mandolin developed a comprehensive plan to effectively do that within our limited budget.

- Simone Lagnerini, President
Green Hides, LLC - High Point, NC

The Blue Mandolin team has a tremendous ability to take conceptual ideas and implement them effectively and creatively.

- Marty Oliver, Senior Executive
PDW Technologies, LLC - Blountville, TN



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